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Advice in a Love Relationship

Being in love is grand although it comes with a certain amount of responsibilities. A lot of people grew up in homes where their parents or parent did not model good love relationships. It is hard to break old habits and harder even yet to learn how to act in a love relationship.

Maybe you did have good models but still are not certain whether your love relationship is going the way it should. It seems a bit odd that knowing how to love correctly takes some work and some thought. It seems that it is something that should come natural. The feelings of love come natural, but it is what we do with them that make the difference and that is where the work lies.

Seeking advice in love relationship can really point to whether the relationship is destined for failure or if it is destined for success.

Where to Get Advice

Every adult pretty much has been in love one time or another in their life times. Most people will offer up their personal experiences and formulate some advice out of their experiences. This advice might be very sage advice, but it also may be simply a bitter person spewing their hate philosophy at you. This of course is not helpful at all. Good intentions do not make good advice. Everyone wants to help.

Parents, siblings, friends and other relations will eagerly jump in with their advice. Sometimes it is hard to sort everything out. What works for one person actually may have destroyed a relationship for another. Getting advice in love relationship might be best left up to the experts.

Experts can offer some tips and tricks on how to love the right way. There are a whole host of relationship considerations that many people, no matter how well meaning they are never really consider. Professionals can guide you to knew ideas, and get you to a place where your love relationship should be.

In some cases you do not even have to leave home to get the advice that you need. If you have a computer you will have access to many different professionals that specialize in advice in love relationship situations. If you feel more comfortable meeting with someone face to face that is always an option as well.

There are many books that are dedicated to this type of advice. You can purchase the books or you can simply loan them out from the library.

You should not be afraid to love fully, regardless of the circumstances that you were raised in. You can learn through advice in love relationship how to respect your partner, treat them well and forgive them. We are social creatures us humans, and a love relationship is one of the most rewarding relationships that we can be involved in. These types of relationships are certainly worth the work, and well worth seeking out the advice that will make them much more satisfying for everyone involved.

Taking a Love Relationship Test

Are you considering a love relationship test? What kind of information are you looking for? Do you want to find out who your most compatible partner might be? No matter who you are, or what kind of love relationship test you’re considering taking, you should realize that there are different aspects to different tests. Some tests are just for fun, and others are more serious. Here are some things you might discover.

Love Personality Tests

One popular love relationship test type is the love personality test. Questions you will probably encounter on tests like these ask you how you feel about love in general: do you believe in true love, or do you think love is silly? Is love important to you?

Once you answer the various questions love personality tests ask, you’ll be given a score that tells you what your love personality is.

Love Compatibility Tests

A love compatibility test usually asks you specific questions about you and your partner. Some types of tests ask for demographic information, like date of birth and place of birth. This can help determine your zodiac compatibility. Other types of love compatibility tests are more like personality tests – they ask for different details about each of you, to see what your chances are of having a successful relationship.

This type of love relationship test can reveal a lot of things about you and your partner! Are you destined for true love, or are you just having fun together? What kind of parents would you be? Compatibility tests are a great way to find out more about the person you are with now, or a person you’re thinking of starting a relationship with.

A Love Relationship Test Can Help Determine if Your Partner is Right For You

One type of love relationship test that is very popular is the type that asks behavioral questions about how your partner interacts with you, your family, and other people who are important to you. This can help you determine how your other half really feels, and you may even be able to get the kind of guidance that can help you to improve your love relationship!

True Love, or Not?

Another fun love relationship test you can try may help you discover whether your relationship is based on true love, or if it’s just a fun relationship for the time being. Are you really, truly in love? How does your partner really feel? If you want to find the answers, take a test or two – you’re sure to be surprised at the results.

No matter what kind of tests you’re considering taking, feel free to try as many as you want! You can find many free tests online, and if you feel like taking these tests just a little further, you can even talk with a relationship specialist or have an astrological chart made up by a professional!

Personalized tests can help you to make the most of your relationships and your life – so be open to the options, and most of all, be open to letting love into your life.

Tips on Making Your Love Relationship

He holds her hand, bringing it to his lips, and lays upon it the lightest kiss….

Is it really the romance that binds us together? Or is there something else, something stronger that lies beneath? Once we get past the initial tingly phase in a relationship, how do we keep it fun and vibrant and growing? Here are 8 ways I have found from both personal and professional experience. These are easy and fun, and can only help. There is no risk in trying some or all!

1.First things First

Do you know if you’re in the right relationship to start with? It might be a good idea to find out. There are some tricks to it, however. Here is an easy way to look into the eyes of your relationship and discover just what’s there, and how to make it more of what you are looking for.

First, make an honest list, of 5 positive things about your significant other that have nothing to do with you. Then make a list of 5 positive things about your relationship. Ideally, both lists should take about the same amount of time and effort. It’s a good idea too to do a list just about yourself as well. If there is a strong sense of autonomy on both sides, and there is room for a healthy relationship in there as well, you are likely in a good place to grow.

Making your relationship work while maintaining your own separate identity is not necessarily difficult, but it does take consistent communication. Sharing your completed lists with each other (all three) is a nice way to break the ice as you move into a more committed relationship. One more list? Make one together of the three or four items you both like about each other and your relationship, and add one – a goal to shoot for together.

2.Do the Work

Just thinking about it isn’t enough. When you read about how to work on your relationship, the best advice I can give you is to grab a pen and pencil and take notes. Then as soon as you put the book or article down, be ready to take action and craft a beautiful relationship from your heart. The more your partner sees how you are willing to work at a better life together, the more you are to see his or her willingness to work with you. You must be willing to do the work, however.

3.Got Kids?

Don’t forget to include them in the relationship, too! It is not just about you and your partner if there are kids involved. Even though the two of you have your own relationship, the nurturing of the love between the two of you and the kids needs attention too. The healthier your relationship is with each other, in general, the relationship with your kids will be, too. But don’t neglect the relationship each of you have with the kids either. It is a delicate balance and a tough one to get exactly right. There is no measuring stick for perfection, so don’t worry too much about being perfect. Getting so wrapped up in your kids’ lives and neglecting your relationship is an easy pattern to get caught up in. On the other hand, especially in the case of step children, the kids can often get caught up in the relationship as a pawn. Expressing and feeling love for your partner’s kids may not be easy, but it is very important to work on if you want a lasting and loving relationship with your partner.

4.Use your Senses To Create a More Loving Mood

It does not take a lot of effort or expense to change your environment a little bit, just enough to alter an otherwise ordinary day. A change of scenery is not always possible, but a change of scent is. Light a scented candle or two during your alone time. Take the extra minute or two to create a more loving environment, and explore where that takes you.

5. Bring little “happy” gifts to each other “just because”

You do not necessarily need to purchase things from the store (although our economy can certainly use the boost!). A little happy origami bird? A love note? Use your talent to sing or write and be creative (yes you can write!). Little gifts are nice and a great way to show spontaneity. When someone realized you are thinking about them with a generous spirit, even when they are not around, it is a true boost of confidence in the relationship.

6. The Yin and Yang of it

Spend more time together – at least an hour a day of good, fun company. On the other hand, you also need to take some time to be apart every now and then. Absence makes the heart grow

Add something whimsical to your routine. Do something out of the ordinary once in a while. On the other hand, you also should create a “habit” of expressing love for each other during routine activities.

Talk openly and be completely honest about what you feel, but at the same time, let some of the mystery remain a mystery. Your partner does not need to know every single detail of your life. Allow room for spontaneity!

7.Say “I love you” often, and mean it

It is nice to say I love you when you are hanging up the phone or just leaving for work, but the in-between times, for no reason except to express your feelings, are a great time too. Practice it a few times and you’ll be surprised how powerful those three little words are. They get easier to say, but never tire of hearing. Don’t forget to love yourself, too!

8.Encourage your loved one by letting them know what you need; and thank them for small things. Finally, know what you want, and ask for it! No one can be expected to please you if they have no idea what you want. If you need or want more time together, or a special dish, to get out more, your partner can not be expected to read your mind. You deserve to be happy, and you can be, if you can express what you want.

Universal Love Relationship Advices

Many different love relationship advices exist to help you better your love life, whether you’re still dating, in a steady relationship or married.

But ideas such as taking your darling for a weekend get-away or preparing a homemade gourmet meal to share some quiet moments with him/her doesn’t work for everyone because not couple appreciates holidays or home made meals.

However, what’s true is that there are 3 universal love relationship advices that you can use regardless of the relationship phase that you’re in, and they all work because they appeal to the very basic human needs.

So if you want simple and yet universal love relationship advices to take your love life to the next level, here they are.

Treat Your Partner With Respect

Yes, I do admit that this first love relationship advice sounds like common sense because it’s so simple. After all, if you love someone, wouldn’t you naturally treat them respectfully?

Unfortunately, that’s usually true when you only see that person from time to time. But when you live with each other or see each other on a constant basis, it’s easy to forget all about respect.

So how do you deal with that? Think about someone you respect deeply, be it your grandma, a life coach or a business mentor. Then don’t say or do anything to your partner that you wouldn’t otherwise say or do to that person.

Remember, thoughtless statements can end relationships. So even if you slip up, try to bear this simple yet important love relationship advice in mind.

Learn to Support Your Partner

Have you ever shared an exciting idea with a loved one or a closed friend, only to be torn down because he/she thought your idea was ridiculous? I don’t know about you, but it definitely has happened to me and it doesn’t feel good at all.

By the fact that you’re your partner’s partner, your words will carry a lot more weight than others. So when your partner shares his/her goals and dreams with you, try to be supportive at least, even if you don’t like the idea.

Of course, I don’t mean that you can’t point out major flaws in a plan, but cushion your words and be constructive in what you say. Something like, “Wow! It’s a good idea to become a chef. After all, you love to cook! But being a chef is really tiring. Are you prepared for that?” sounds encouraging and kind, but yet drives home your concerns.

In short, your partner will look to you most for emotional and mental support, so bear this second love relationship advice in mind because your lack of proper support can harm your relationship.

Learn To Be Accepting

There will be times that your partner’s habits will bother you greatly, but think for a moment and decide if those habits can be easily changed or it would require a lot of effort.

To be honest, if you can’t see your partner changing after all that nagging, then learn to accept his/her flaws. After all, nobody is perfect and I’m sure you have shortcomings that your partner is putting up with.

Accept your partner for who he/she is, and you’ll be glad you followed this love relationship advice because it will go a long way to help you. After all, it’s this kind of acceptance and tolerance that contribute toward many successful long term relationships.

So really, regardless of the stage of your relationship, learning to respect, support, and accept your partner will always make your relationship better. Keep these 3 pieces of love relationship advices close to your heart and you’ll be glad you did.

Four Strengthening Tips to Achieving a Loving Relationship

This is the first of four strengthening tips to achieving a loving relationship. Relationships are not one-size-fits-all. Everyone is unique, therefore, every relationship is unique and people find each other for various reasons. There are things, however, that satisfying relationships have in common. And knowing these base principles of loving relationships can help maintain meaning within the union. Knowing these basic symptoms can help partners stay fulfilled and excited in both the good times and the not-so-good times.

Before we get into our first of four steps on how achieving loving relationships can indeed be achieved easily, let me ask you this:

What would you consider key ingredients to maintaining a loving relationship?
Here are our tips:

• Remain involved in each other’s lives: Over time it is not unusual for partners to slip into a peaceful co-existence. Sadly, the ability to continue being relatable to each other and work things out together often fades away. On the surface the relationship looks solid and stable, however, lack of being involved in each other’s lives causes communication to dwindle. So when something important does come up, the need or desire to want to talk to the other person is no longer there. It takes conscious effort to want to be there for the other person and remain an active partner in the relationship.

• Making it through conflicts. As there many different people and different relationships, there are also many different ways of how people work things out. Some can talk things out quietly, others get loud or even yell, while some may even lose control. It’s important not to be fearful of conflict as disagreements in and of themselves are not a bad sign, it’s how we work through them, how we react, that determines the future success of a loving relationship. Emotional safety is an absolute must-have to resolving any relationship conflict. There can’t be any fear of retaliation or judgment. There can only be peace and assurance that no matter what, the other partner will receive them unconditionally and lovingly.

• Keep your interests and other relationships alive. Often people expect their new partner to be the end-all-be-all when in reality it’s impossible for one person to meet all of the other person’s needs. It’s unhealthy to put that much pressure onto another human being. A much better path is for both partners to continue having their friends and maintain contact with them. It is also very common that soon after the relationship starts the two want to spend every minute together. Suddenly personal interests fall by the way side. But as soon as the relationship excitement fades a little, there is a void created that can cause people to get insecure. Don’t let this happen to you. Maintain your outside interests along with your outside friendships.

• Communication: The best and most assured way to maintain a loving relationship is to keep your channels of communication open, honest, vulnerable and transparent. Both partners need to feel safe to communicate whatever is on their mind without the fear of getting judged. Trust is a key ingredient here and it strengthens the bond. In addition to verbal communication, don’t forget that there are also many non-verbal cues such as body language, eye contact, or a mere touching of the other person’s arm.

Summary of our Relationship advice tip 1: Keep physical and verbal intimacy alive

Whether it is communicating or touching – both are important parts of our human existence and extremely important to any loving relationship. Studies have shown that physical touch can increase our body’s oxytocin levels. Oxytocin is a hormone that creates a bonding, relaxed type of feeling in both partners. Often times one partner may feel that the only touching needed is intercourse when in fact all forms of touching and communication add to keeping the emotional and physical intimacy alive. Loving relationships need both.

How Relationships Can Be Easy

Creating a loving relationship doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think!

As most of us know, relationships can be very challenging. We generally enter a relationship with many unhealed wounds from childhood. These wounds easily get triggered in committed relationships. Our wounds include both our fear of rejection and our fear of engulfment, and when these fears are activated, we generally go into old programmed ways of reacting, such as anger, blame, compliance, withdrawal, resistance, defensiveness, explaining, threatening and so on. You might have been programmed with many ways of making your partner responsible for your painful feelings.

Love gets eroded when we continue to act from our fears and the resulting protections.

But it doesn’t always have to be hard! Below are the essential keys to creating and maintaining a loving relationship.

Relationships thrive when both partners feel safe to be themselves and to discuss problems as they arise. Partners feel safe when they know they can rely on each other to be open and caring, even in the face of conflict.

There are four choices you can make to create this safe, open connected relationship space:

1. Cultivate an Intent To Learn With Yourself And Your Partner

We need to be able to rely on ourselves and each other to stay open to learning about our wounds and our resulting controlling protective behavior. There is nothing that grinds love down more than controlling behaviors, such as those mentioned above, or behavior that is intent on avoiding your feelings – such as ignoring your feelings, judging yourself and your partner, or turning to addictions to numb your feelings.

If you are currently not in a relationship, then take this time to learn to stay open with your own feelings and learn what they are telling you, rather than continue to abandon yourself when you feel pain. Learning to stay open with yourself makes it much easier to stay open with your partner.

If you are currently in a relationship, do the same thing. Take time to learn to be present with your own feelings, with an intent to learn.

2. Practice Focusing On Kindness With Yourself And Your Partner

Just as an openness to learning is essential in creating a safe relationship space, so is kindness. If you were not brought up with kindness and you have been judgmental with yourself and others, rather than kind, then you need to keep the concept of kindness in the forefront of your mind.

Relationships flourish when loving yourself and your partner is your highest priority. For most people, protecting against pain has been their highest priority, so it takes much practice to successfully make love a higher priority than avoiding pain.

3. Develop Your Spiritual Connection

Relationships flounder when you make your partner your source of love. Your partner isn’t supposed to be your higher power – you have your own higher power and this is your infinite source of love. When your intent is to learn about loving yourself and your partner, and you open to learning about this with a source of spiritual guidance, you will learn to fill yourself with love to share with your partner. Trying to have control over getting love ruins relationships. Sharing love creates intimacy and connection with your partner.

4. Make Relationship Time A High Priority

One of the greatest experiences in life is the sharing of love, and this takes time. Learning, growth, intimacy, connection and passion are the natural results of creating a safe, open, kind and loving relationship space, and all this takes times. Spending connected time together relaxing, laughing, sharing and cuddling are essential for creating a long-lasting, thriving loving relationship.

Is all this easy? It can be when love is your highest priority. When you fully accept that your reason for being on the planet is to evolve your soul in your ability to love, it becomes easier and easier to behave in these four loving ways.

Numerology’s Love Relationship

Want to know what kind of love relationship you need? Numerology can tell you what kind of partner you need to find happiness in life. We just need to calculate your Love Relationship number.

Calculating your Love Relationship Number

Your Love Relationship number comes from a specific branch of Numerology called Yantra or Magic Square numerology. It consist of constructing a Magic square using your birth date numbers, and then interpreting the values in the specific boxes in the square.

Your Love Relationship number is found by taking your birth month number, subtracting (1), then reducing the result by fadic addition.

For example, actor Johnny Depp was born on June 9th, 1963; so his Love relationship number would be calculated as follows:

Love Relationship number = (Birth Month – 1) = (6 – 1) = (5)

The Love Relationship number values and their meanings are listed below.

Love Relationship (0)

You don’t have any particular needs or wants in a relationship. You like them well enough, but you don’t have any need for a special type of partner. You are happy with whatever comes to you.

Love Relationship (1)

You will have one major love relationship which grows and develops over time. You may tend to be self-centered in your relationships; however you can probably find a partner who loves you in spite of this.

Love Relationship (2)

You are a very supportive partner. You communicate well with your lover, due to your strong intuition in this area. You are also able to detect when your partner is worried, or something is wrong in your relationship.

Love Relationship (3)

You need a partner who likes conversation and plenty of entertainment. You are a bit of a flirt at times, but your partner needn’t worry; this is mostly for show and not a serious threat to your relationship.

Love Relationship (4)

You are an affectionate partner. You work hard at your relationships, and care deeply for the ones you love. You are always faithful, and a good provider for your love partners; but not particularly passionate. You need a partner who appreciates you for who you are.

Love Relationship (5)

You need a partner who gives you lots of personal space. You are an excellent partner and a passionate lover so long as you don’t feel trapped and bound by your relationship. If your partner tries to cage you, hold you too tightly; you’re likely to break up so you can escape.

Love Relationship (6)

You need a partner who gives you a good, strong relationship; full of love and affection. You feel incomplete outside of a relationship, and will seek to create a new one if your previous one fails. You are very caring and need friends and loved ones around you to accept your love. If you don’t have children, then you must find a substitute to receive your affection.

Love Relationship (7)

You need a partner who gives you time to be alone with your thoughts. You are a thoughtful lover, always thinking of your partner and acting to show your affection. However, you have trouble expressing your love in words, either written or spoken. Love literally puts binders on your tong.

Love Relationship (8)

You need a partner who helps you do well financially in order to be happy. You might form a successful business with your partner, or marry into wealth. Your relationships might not be as passionate as some, but they tend to be long lasting, and give you happiness.

Love Relationship (9)

You are inclined to fall in love easily, sometimes with the wrong partners. You are very romantic and a considerate lover. You like surprising your partner with small gifts as token of your affection. You need to be careful in choosing a partner, and not rush in to a relationship. With the right partner, your relationship will grow very strong indeed.

Love Relationship (11)

You need a strong and supportive partner in order to be happy. You will fall in and out of love very easily and may be disappointed trying to find the perfect relationship. You are able to express your love easily, and you’re a caring partner, but you are too much of an idealist for your own good.

Loving Relationships

Loving relationships are not just the relationships between two people who are intimately involved. Loving relationships are those relationships between couples, families, siblings, parents and children, etc. What does a loving relationship feel like to you? We all have varying perspectives of love. What may feel loving to one person may not feel loving to someone else, yet all too often we place our own perceptions and judgments on others. Some expressions of love are universal, but many more are quite personal. How do you define love? What feels loving to you?

Part of being in a loving relationship means that we have to accept the other person for who he or she is, and not look to change him/her. This does not mean that you like everything about the other person, but you accept him/her without judgment. This tends to be easier to do early in any relationships before challenges emerge, and the road gets rocky. This is true in all loving relationships because as we spend more time with another person, and we grow and change, our sensitivity to any faults we perceive in that person become harder to ignore. Relationships tend to go through stages. First we see only each others’ virtues, then we see only each others’ faults, if we get through this stage then we can see each other for who we really are and truly be friends. Parents often say at various stages of their children’s lives that they love their child, but they don’t like them very much. It’s hard to feel loving when we see or experience behavior that is challenging or downright obnoxious. To be in a loving relationship, however, we do have to find ways to love, even when it isn’t easy. This does not mean that we have to ignore or deny hurtful or harmful behavior; it means we have to find ways to deal with these behaviors in ways that are loving, respectful and compassionate.

In order to focus on what it means to be in loving relationships, I find it helpful to use this acronym: HEARTFELT

H – Hear and listen with your heart— look for each other’s loving intentions. Don’t judge. None of us is that perfect that someone else couldn’t judge us harshly, as well. If we look for flaws and negatives we surely will find them. If we look for positive and loving qualities we will just as surely find those, too.

E – Emotional vulnerability. When we put up walls to protect us from being hurt, those same walls will also keep us from experiencing joy, pleasure and closeness. When we communicate lovingly, respectfully and compassionately, we are open and receptive to both giving and receiving love.

A – Acceptance: To lovingly accept the people in our lives, means we stop judging them. We may not like everything, but we have to learn to accept people for who they are, not who we want them to be, or think they should be, etc. The beauty of truly loving relationships is that in environments of love and acceptance we grow and flourish. In relationships fraught with tension and judgment we shrink back, and fear to grow.

R – Respect We need to respect ourselves first and then look for what we respect about the people we love. If we look for those qualities that are valuable and worthwhile and therefore deserving of respect, our hearts open up and we are able to see the good in them. If we judge and criticize and see only what’s wrong and what we don’t like, then we undermine the very relationships we say we want to nurture. What qualities do you choose to focus on in the people who are most important to you?

T – Trust : We need to nurture trust in our relationships. That means we must act with integrity. While we cannot control how other people behave or act, we can decide how we want to handle their behaviors, and TRUST in our abilities to cope effectively when their behaviors are less than stellar. In loving relationships we count on trusting each other to be loving, compassionate, respectful and wanting what is best for each other. Since we are human, and we will make mistakes, working through the issues while TRUSTING that we are working for our greater good is imperative.

F – Feel with your heart: don’t Judge: Like listening with your heart, feeling with your heart helps you to pay attention to your inner voice and pay attention to how you feel. We know way down deep inside when something feels loving, respectful and compassionate and when it doesn’t. To be in a loving relationship, means you can acknowledge when something feels uncomfortable, hurtful, painful, etc. while still respecting YOUR feelings enough to speak up! This connects to loving communication and vulnerability: vital in all loving relationships!

E – Evolve and Flourish: when you feel loved, supported and accepted, you can evolve to become the person you were meant to be. You have gifts that you bring to your relationships. You yourself are a gift! As you feel increasingly better and more loving towards yourself, you will increasingly allow your gifts to be expressed and shared. When you are with people who love, accept and respect you for who you are, you are able to evolve and grow even more, and you can feel yourself and your world open up and expand. Take a deep breath and just let this truth resonate within you!

L – Laugh!!! Life is serious, and we must make time to lighten up and laugh with each other and at ourselves. As the saying goes: we don’t stop laughing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop laughing. Let your spirit soar, and your heart take wings: Laugh with those you love loudly and often!

T – Talk openly and lovingly. Remember to always speak with LOVE, RESPECT and COMPASSION, and let the people you love and want to love know how you feel. Share your loving thoughts and feelings, breathe deeply and know that as long as you are speaking honestly and compassionately, your loving intentions can be seen and heard.

Love is a wonderful and necessary part of our lives. When we feel loved, or are in love, we find ourselves feeling easy, free, warm and cozy as well as all its other wonderful descriptive adjectives. All relationships, however, require WORK, as well as our time, attention and patience so that they can grow and flourish. Our loving relationships really are labors of love, and hopefully as you bring your heartfelt attention into your life, you will feel increasingly loving and loved in return.

Love Relationship Advice

Even though it is easy to fall in love it is not so easy to find true love. And while finding someone to have a relationship with is relatively easy, being able to make it last a lifetime seems to be the problem for many people. Love relationship advice can make the difference and help couples find their true love, build a happy strong relationship and make it last their lifetime.

Nowadays there are so many different ways of meeting someone; places like the bar and clubs have been super-ceded by online dating sites on the internet, but places like interest or hobby clubs are still good places to meet people who have something in common with you from the start. The safest way to meet someone is still through another friend or family member as a form of recommendation.

When you first get together everything is lovely and your new partner is “the one.” They know just what you like and the two of you connect on so many different levels, and they are so considerate and thoughtful, hanging on your every word. And there is nothing wrong with this, but where do you go to from there?

As your relationship goes on you begin to see the cracks… he does not show you the same attentiveness as in the beginning, she does not hang on your every word any more… Perhaps familiarity does breed contempt?

So how do you prevent these things from happening?

Here are 3 things to watch out for in your relationship with your love. By avoiding these, you can improve your chances of making your relationship last for the rest of your life.

1. Sex and Love – many people, especially younger couples, confuse sex with love. This can be because men and women view sex slightly differently. Men see sex as an expression of their masculinity, whereas women see sex as an expression of love and it is for them an emotional experience. Women can think that because he wants to have sex with her he must love her, and yes, it can be an expression of love but not till he knows he loves her in his head and heart. Some might say that men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love.

It is better to go slow in this area and be sure of how you feel about each other before committing to a physical relationship. Once begun, it is unrealistic to think that a couple would stop in order to clarify their feeling for one another. And the hormones that are produced by engaging in sex affect how you think and feel about your partner, and can blind you to things you need to be cautious of.

After some time in your relationship, the sexual side of your relationship can become routine and even a little stale. As you become more comfortable with each other, you may not seem to need sexual encounters the same as you once did and this does not mean that you do not love each other as much anymore, but rather other aspects of your relationship may have grown and deepened.

At this time it is important to talk with each other, find out what your mate wants or needs in this area, and do a revamp from time to time. Sex now should be an expression of love and a time for emotional connection and bonding. It can be a richer experience that the hot steamy desperate rush of young love.

While sex is an important part of a relationship it does not define it. It is still only part of building a good loving relationship.

2. Unrealistic Expectations – it is very easy when in a new relationship to think that your new love is perfect, and you have a specific definition for perfect in your mind. Unfortunately so does your new love. And, as your relationship develops, you can think that your partner “should” be like… your parent, or not like your parent, in other words, you have a mental checklist of what they should be like and how they would treat you.

The other aspect of this problem is that the perfect partner you fell in love with begins to change before your eyes. They stop doing those thoughtful things they did when you first met and start behaving differently. Perhaps they had been putting their “best foot” forward and were now reverting to who they really are.

If you find that you can’t love them as they are then you will need to let them go, or you could change your expectations and learn to love them for who they are as you would like them to do for you. Loving someone is to love and accept them, warts and all.

3. Communication Breakdown – women and men think and converse in different ways and the trick is to learn each other’s language. It takes time to be able to communicate effectively with each other and this is not any more so than for any other relationship.

Communication is the most difficult skill to learn but also potentially the most rewarding. It is the oil for the wheel of love that makes the world turn round.

Sometimes men and women will just give up saying that “it is a man thing,” that he can’t talk about it (in actual fact, he won’t) or that “it is just girl talk,” because he does not want to listen, thinking that she does not have anything interesting to say. This way of thinking, pulls down any chance of building a loving intimate relationship, because while going together can start with a physical attraction, it is the mental and emotional connection that builds on that to form a strong close relationship.

In order to be able to move forward together in a long-term relationship, a couple needs to find a way to communicate with each other, so they understand each other and have shared goals and dreams that they work together toward.

They need to be able to work together on a daily basis by using effective communication, and this takes time to achieve.

I hope that this love relationship advice can help you find your true love and make it last a lifetime. By knowing what to look for and having realistic expectations of what it takes to build a loving strong connection with someone you love, you improve your chances of making it work. Having a close in-depth loving partnership with the person of your dreams means having your feet firmly planted on the ground, and being able to enjoy the blessing of being together.

Building a Loving Relationship

Building a loving relationship – if you are part of a loving couple – may be the most important job in your life. If this isn’t the case, stop reading, because the information I’ll be sharing in this article will be beyond your ability to comprehend, much less act on!

Love in a relationship is different from anything else, and you can’t treat it like something you might have “accomplished” before. Love is pure, it is accepting, it is forgiving, and it is open to the lover’s thoughts and needs at all times. Anything else is not love, but only a distortion. Anything not love is simply a relationship of another sort, i.e., a living arrangement, roommate agreement, or work relationship designed to complete a given task, such as raising kids.

If you would like to thrive on finding new ways to love your partner, you need to prepare each aspect of yourself for the rare challenge that building a loving relationship presents.

Since you are reading this article, and are open to building a loving relationship, let’s examine some things that those committed to building a loving relationship might already be doing. Use this opportunity to put these practices into your routine those actions that make a loving relationship easier.

Following are some exercises to help you get started:

See that relationship problems are not really your partner’s fault.

The most critical error that people make when building a loving relationship is failing to take full responsibility for its success. If your sense of fair play kicks in and you see all the faults in your partner that strike you as “not fair,” it is very difficult to love anyone under those circumstances.

Try instead to imagine that relationship problems are not really your partner’s fault. This doesn’t mean ignoring willful abuse, just overlooking any argument that could be construed multiple ways. This will be challenging, but the rewards are simply too good to pass up!

Find new ways to love your partner.

Finding new ways to love your partner – every day – is something that everyone trying to build a loving relationship should aim for. Do they smile a particular way? Are they loving in bed? Do they walk the dog? Wash the dishes? Dress in the presence of others in a way that makes you look good? Always look for new ways to love your partner until it becomes habitual.

Get consistent feedback on your partner’s fears and concerns.

Building a loving relationship is both mental as well as emotional. Mentally, you need to be forgiving and find ways to be grateful. Getting consistent feedback on your partner’s fears and concerns every day would help you connect more and love easier. Carve time out of your daily routine to get consistent feedback on your partner’s fears and concerns. This guarantees that you will be building a loving relationship over time.

One of the best ways to determine if you are capable of building a loving relationship is to study the habits of other successful couples. You don’t need to copy their success all at once, but you can look at their habits and methods in order to utilize these in your own marriage or relationship.

Consider the following questions:

Can you forgive your partner – both consciously and subconsciously – for perceived injustices or slights?

If not, you are holding onto resentments that will kill your love… and your sense of fair play will even be the spear that kills it! You may be experiencing anger or resentment, and you justify that with perceived injustices. Better to release the emotion in a safe way, and simply accept that life is not fair!

Learn methods to forgive – I like the technique of screaming into a pillow and mentally shredding the other person to pieces in my mind while doing it. By releasing the emotional energy tied up in the so-called “unfairness” you allow the anger to dissipate while providing your mind with the “fairness” it seeks, i.e., not letting the offending person off the hook!

This process, by the way, is both powerful and safe. My wife and I have actually come to the point where we beg each other to go use it when resentments arise!

Can you convince yourself that you have “the better deal” in the relationship?

This is a powerful attitude – and one that requires a decision up front to embrace. My wife and I both see the other as the “better half” – really! This feeling that I’m “getting by with something” allows me to embrace the idea of giving to her even more. Since I’m, in fact, “getting the better deal,” then giving and loving becomes easier since it is also in accordance with my sense of fairness.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes to make the relationship work?

Building a loving relationship takes considerably more than waking up one afternoon to say, “hey, I need to build a loving relationship.” It might start out that way, but the real decision has to do with longevity. You should first prepare yourself both mentally and emotionally to accept things as they come to you over time, and not give up… no matter what!

This, by the way, is the hardest step you will take. It’s easy enough to get over short-term conflicts if you know there will be smooth sailing after that. But loving relationships are different; they take a lifetime of commitment.

Everybody has personal problems – some more than others – and real loving relationships are not always possible. Just know that going in.

If you have gotten into an abusive relationship, for example, you may want to re-evaluate before committing to the steps being offered here. Your best bet, in fact, may be to leave the relationship and start over with the right partner later.

A real bond with another person cannot be based on self-deception or denial. There must be safe opportunities for you to say what you really think and express how you really feel; otherwise it’s a one-sided affair. If that’s OK with you, then you don’t need this article. Carry on.

If you know it’s for real, however, and you have the opportunity to express yourself, then the points in this article will give you the tools you need to make it work, both now and in the future. But rest assured that everything is not going to be rosy.

Love does not always manifest itself as a loving nature or beauty. In fact, everything that appears to be NOT love will come up between the two of you over time! It’s up to you to look past the ugliness to the Holy Grail on the other side!