Tips on Making Your Love Relationship

He holds her hand, bringing it to his lips, and lays upon it the lightest kiss….

Is it really the romance that binds us together? Or is there something else, something stronger that lies beneath? Once we get past the initial tingly phase in a relationship, how do we keep it fun and vibrant and growing? Here are 8 ways I have found from both personal and professional experience. These are easy and fun, and can only help. There is no risk in trying some or all!

1.First things First

Do you know if you’re in the right relationship to start with? It might be a good idea to find out. There are some tricks to it, however. Here is an easy way to look into the eyes of your relationship and discover just what’s there, and how to make it more of what you are looking for.

First, make an honest list, of 5 positive things about your significant other that have nothing to do with you. Then make a list of 5 positive things about your relationship. Ideally, both lists should take about the same amount of time and effort. It’s a good idea too to do a list just about yourself as well. If there is a strong sense of autonomy on both sides, and there is room for a healthy relationship in there as well, you are likely in a good place to grow.

Making your relationship work while maintaining your own separate identity is not necessarily difficult, but it does take consistent communication. Sharing your completed lists with each other (all three) is a nice way to break the ice as you move into a more committed relationship. One more list? Make one together of the three or four items you both like about each other and your relationship, and add one – a goal to shoot for together.

2.Do the Work

Just thinking about it isn’t enough. When you read about how to work on your relationship, the best advice I can give you is to grab a pen and pencil and take notes. Then as soon as you put the book or article down, be ready to take action and craft a beautiful relationship from your heart. The more your partner sees how you are willing to work at a better life together, the more you are to see his or her willingness to work with you. You must be willing to do the work, however.

3.Got Kids?

Don’t forget to include them in the relationship, too! It is not just about you and your partner if there are kids involved. Even though the two of you have your own relationship, the nurturing of the love between the two of you and the kids needs attention too. The healthier your relationship is with each other, in general, the relationship with your kids will be, too. But don’t neglect the relationship each of you have with the kids either. It is a delicate balance and a tough one to get exactly right. There is no measuring stick for perfection, so don’t worry too much about being perfect. Getting so wrapped up in your kids’ lives and neglecting your relationship is an easy pattern to get caught up in. On the other hand, especially in the case of step children, the kids can often get caught up in the relationship as a pawn. Expressing and feeling love for your partner’s kids may not be easy, but it is very important to work on if you want a lasting and loving relationship with your partner.

4.Use your Senses To Create a More Loving Mood

It does not take a lot of effort or expense to change your environment a little bit, just enough to alter an otherwise ordinary day. A change of scenery is not always possible, but a change of scent is. Light a scented candle or two during your alone time. Take the extra minute or two to create a more loving environment, and explore where that takes you.

5. Bring little “happy” gifts to each other “just because”

You do not necessarily need to purchase things from the store (although our economy can certainly use the boost!). A little happy origami bird? A love note? Use your talent to sing or write and be creative (yes you can write!). Little gifts are nice and a great way to show spontaneity. When someone realized you are thinking about them with a generous spirit, even when they are not around, it is a true boost of confidence in the relationship.

6. The Yin and Yang of it

Spend more time together – at least an hour a day of good, fun company. On the other hand, you also need to take some time to be apart every now and then. Absence makes the heart grow

Add something whimsical to your routine. Do something out of the ordinary once in a while. On the other hand, you also should create a “habit” of expressing love for each other during routine activities.

Talk openly and be completely honest about what you feel, but at the same time, let some of the mystery remain a mystery. Your partner does not need to know every single detail of your life. Allow room for spontaneity!

7.Say “I love you” often, and mean it

It is nice to say I love you when you are hanging up the phone or just leaving for work, but the in-between times, for no reason except to express your feelings, are a great time too. Practice it a few times and you’ll be surprised how powerful those three little words are. They get easier to say, but never tire of hearing. Don’t forget to love yourself, too!

8.Encourage your loved one by letting them know what you need; and thank them for small things. Finally, know what you want, and ask for it! No one can be expected to please you if they have no idea what you want. If you need or want more time together, or a special dish, to get out more, your partner can not be expected to read your mind. You deserve to be happy, and you can be, if you can express what you want.